Metal Composites

Steel Composite

Steel composite is cold welding product ideal for reclaiming and rebuilding of steel parts. Excellent machine ability and bonding save major shut down. Can be drilled, tapped or machined. It bonds to metals, concrete, wood & some plastics. It has good compressive strength and resistance to many chemical, oil, gasoline, water etc.

Steel Composite Liquid

Steel Composite Liquid can be use for pouring into pin holes, making moulds & fixtures. It is self leveling epoxy used into hard to reach areas, for casting replacement steel parts.

Super Metal Composite

This non rusting epoxy composite use for convenient and emergency repairs of surface requiring precision and which are subjected to critical wear factors. It can be drilled, tapped or machined. It has good compressive strength and resistance to many chemical, oil, gasoline, water etc.

Fast Set Steel Composite

This product is having the unique properties of fast curing which reduces the downtime of the equipment. It is two parts products use for convenient and emergency repairs of oily surface. This epoxy composite use for repairing and rebuilding of equipment within minutes and provide adequate bonding with most metals, concrete and wood. Useful for stopping online leakages, Protects against corrosion, pitting, Galling and Increases the life of equipments.


PROTOKOTE gives the Ultra smooth, ceramic filled epoxy which provides a high gloss, low friction coating to protect against turbulence, abrasion, cavitation and bi-metallic corrosion. This material is recommended for sealing and protecting equipment from corrosion and wear. It also works as a top coat over Wearing compounds for surface rebuilding and lasting protection. Ideal for heat exchanger, Pump casings & Impellers, Reactor vessels.

Bronze Composite

Bronze Composite epoxy is use for rebuilding and repairs of bronze equipments, casting and other parts. It becomes best choice where brazing is undesirable. Can be drilled, tapped or machined, it has excellent bonding characteristics with bronze, brass, copper, alloy and other metals.

Wear Resistance Composite

It is special formulated with diamond hard ceramic which gives excellent resistance for wear, abrasion and Impact, provide smooth and finish coating to equipment. It can be used against heavy sliding abrasion and high temperatures. Recommended uses including reclaiming and rebuilding of scrubber, cylones, dust collectors, fan housing, elbows, hoppers and discharge chutes etc.

High Temperature Pneu Wear

This is two component epoxy system contain small ceramic beads and silicon carbide from maximum protection against abrasion. provide protection to material handling equipment upto 232 deg C. It can be protect pump housing, chutes, elbows, cyclones, fan housing and many other applications that require protection from fine partials abrasion and high temperature.

Rubber Repair Composite

This is rapid rubber repair composite designed to repair conveyor belts and other damaged rubber equipment quickly and easily. It forming a repair area this matches the belt in durability and flexibility.

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