Who We Are?

CARETECH INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION was found in 2010. The group is mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing and distributor of industrial maintenance products. For examples Thread locker, bearing sealant, thread sealant, Epoxy stick, etc.

In pace with our business expansion, we have invested in wide range of new product development from R&D department. Our own design products with good quality and punctual delivery have gained us a considerable market share in many countries across the world.

Our headquarters is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh with factory located in Govindpura and Mandideep.

Our company objective is to get the long-term business partners, we would provide competitive prices for our partners to obtain the profitable deal. Visiting our India factory is sincerely welcome. Please contact our marketing department. Over the last fourteen years, we have shown ourselves ready to react promptly, in the process of building up a industrial maintenance products company that rests on firm foundations.

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Our Clients